Alexander Raabe

Applied international macroeconomist

I am a job market candidate at the Graduate Institute Geneva. My research interests lie at the nexus of international macroeconomics and finance.

My recent work centers on international capital flows, global banking, and the drivers of the globalization of housing markets and associated financial stability risks.

My references are CĂ©dric Tille, Ugo Panizza, Mathias Hoffmann and Torsten Ehlers.

I work at the University of Zurich, where I coordinate the Globalization of Real Estate Research Network at the Center for Urban and Real Estate Management.

I gained professional research experience at the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of England. Earlier work at international development organizations, in economic diplomacy and the private sector in Asia and Latin America allowed me to gain extensive experience in macroeconomic and financial analysis.

Email: | Phone: +41 (0) 788 34 86 85 | LinkedIn